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Mailbird is powerful, intuitive, ultra-customizable and dead set on mailing

  • 🔥 NEW FEATURE Tailor your workspace Tailor your workspace Customize Mailbird with a background of your favorite movie, a timeless painting, or the inspiring landscape.

  • 🔥 NEW FEATURE AI-powered email writing AI-powered email writing Generate high-quality emails with ease and for any purpose with ChatGPT.

  • Sync all your emails Sync all your emails Manage all your emails and contacts from multiple accounts easily in one Inbox.

  • App Integrations App Integrations Built in apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Asana, Todoist and many more…

  • Snooze Snooze Snooze messages for later to focus only on the emails you need to at the moment.

  • Speed Reader Speed Reader Integrated in Mailbird to make you literally fly through your emails.

  • Custom Sounds Custom Sounds Choose any of our notification sound suggestions or upload your own.

  • Linkedin Lookup Linkedin Lookup Connect via Linkedin with only one click from within your Inbox.

  • Dark Theme Dark Theme Change between the Dark or Lite theme whenever you like.

  • Shortcuts Shortcuts Intuitive keyboard shortcuts for archiving, composing, replying, forwarding and many more activities.

  • Multi-language Support Multi-language Support We currently support 17 beautiful languages from all over the world.


Enhance your emails with AI-powered Mailbird

With our ChatGPT integration, you can create any email in minutes. Choose the tone of voice that best suits your needs. Benefit from data-driven insights to make your emails smart and professional.

Enhance your emails with AI-powered Mailbird
Enhance your emails with AI-powered Mailbird

Customizable backgrounds for every mood

Are you feeling spirited and adventurous? Or are you focused and in a perfect state of Zen? Whatever your mood, we have a stunning background to match any style and personality—you can even upload your own photo.

Personalize your workspace and say goodbye to the ordinary.

Customizable backgrounds for every mood

Your choice. Your design. Your Mailbird. Email just the way you like it.

Integrate all your favorite apps.

All of your favorite apps integrated with your inbox in one easy to use platform.

  • Google Calendar
  • Whatsapp
  • Dropbox
  • Twitter
  • Evernote
  • Facebook
  • To Do
  • Slack
  • Google Docs
  • And more!
Integrate all your favorite apps.

A seamlessly designed interface.

Uncluttered and intuitive. Master the app within 5 minutes and take control of your Inbox.

A seamlessly designed interface.

Finally, an email client for Windows worth downloading.

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