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Growing Your Career with Mailbird – What New Hires Can Expect?

Growing Your Career with Mailbird – What New Hires Can Expect?
Growing Your Career with Mailbird – What New Hires Can Expect?

At Mailbird we are changing lives every day, by helping people and companies communicate better and faster through our platform. But did you know that we extend that philosophy to how our all-star team works and is managed as well?

We're entirely remote-first - meaning we're organized in a way that allows our employees to work from anywhere in the world. In fact, we have team members located across five continents.

Our objective with our onboarding is to set up our employees for success. That's why we've written this post, so you learn what to expect as a new Mailbirdian in your first month with our company.

How Our Onboarding Is Different

With our staff located all over the globe, our onboarding process may be different than what you're used to.

The reason we're organized this way is that a remote-first strategy provides three key advantages:

  • Deeper talent pool: With employees able to work from anywhere, we are not restricted to looking at any one geographical location for future Mailbirdians. We can thus base our hiring decisions only on merit and cultural fit ensuring we have the most cohesive teams possible.
  • Improved employee satisfaction: Our employees will never need to worry about waiting time commuting or spending on transportation. When they aren't working, their time is fully their own.
  • Long-term flexibility: Without being constricted by a physical space, we are able to grow our team parallel to customer demand. The costs we save on rent and physical infrastructure can then be re-invested in providing a better product for our customers and better personal growth opportunities for our employees.

This work arrangement makes onboarding different than companies with physical offices. That okay though, our onboarding process is designed with remote workers in mind. Let's see how by running you through what it looks like.

Before the "First Day"

Once you've officially accepted the Offer Letter that we send you and signed the contract to work with us, our HR team can start the onboarding process.

Our onboarding process consists of several steps with the aim of providing you with the best and most open experience possible.

Even if we're all located thousands of miles away from one another, we want to ensure everyone feels like a Mailbird team member.

Welcome to Mailbird

A few days before your first day with us you will receive an email from our HR team welcoming you to Mailbird. This email will contain very useful information that will help you in your integration with us.

At Mailbird we make sure to take advantage of technology to increase our productivity and to ensure a healthy workplace. We will provide you with a short video that will explain some of the tools that support our remote environment.

Asana Project management
Slack Communication
Bonusly Rewards and recognition
Small Improvements Goals tracking and performance
Peakon Employee satisfaction
Some of the tools we use

Besides that, the HR team will also provide you with an Onboarding Agenda. This will help you visualize your meetings for the first two weeks. You will be having Onboarding sessions with your Manager, team members, and Human Resources.

We will also give you access to our Company Handbook. This document contains in-depth information on employee expectations, how to request time off, and other extremely important details.

First Day at Mailbird

On your first day, you will meet with the HR team and your manager.

In your meeting with HR, we will be sharing with you a quick overview of the company and our culture. We will go through different HR-related processes from Performance Evaluation to how to ask for holidays, as well as any questions you may have from the Company Handbook.

You and your manager will be discussing your first week's expectations. He/she will introduce you to the department, how they work and what your role will be.

First Week at Mailbird

Assignments will be sent to you through ClickUp, our project management tool. You will have to complete them during your first onboarding week, along with other assignments your team leader will be sharing with you.

You will meet with other Key Partners that will share with you valuable information about Mailbird.

And that's it! With your first week complete, you're an official member of the Mailbird Team! Of course, if you ever have any questions both the HR Team and your manager will always be open to questions. All you have to do is ask!

Comments From Our Newest Mailbirdians

"I remember that onboarding was very smooth, the HR team made me feel at ease. I also remember quite fondly the AM catch-ups I had with Christin [Product Marketing Manager]. They were super helpful in getting me settled. I felt that my onboarding experience was systemic, highly communicative yet not too overwhelming with lots of tasks at once".

- Nicole Stevens [UK based], Senior Marketing Strategist at Mailbird

"A few days before my first day, my agenda for the first two weeks was already ready. It was great to see my meetings as a plan on my very first day. I also liked that it was structured well, with events spaced out. The apps I'd be using were made clear before starting. Everyone offered to help if I had any issues with the apps."

- Rita Varga [Hungary based], Lead Technical Recruiter at Mailbird

We're Always on the Look Out

Like our platform, our team is always growing. We started with a small team looking to make a change, to a fully international organization with Mailbirdians located all over the world.

Are you someone who is passionate about technology, and specifically about its role in simplifying our lives?

Do you value diversity, independence, and working with a team you can trust?
If so, then you might be a future Mailbirdian!

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