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10 Top Free Image Sources for Emails

10 Top Free Image Sources for Emails
10 Top Free Image Sources for Emails

Finding free images you can use, especially when you are in a hurry, can be difficult. You just don't always have the time to search for the perfect image only to find that it's usage rights mean you can't just paste it into your post, message, etc. We know, and that's why we've collected this awesome list of our favorite places to find free images from across the web.

1) Pixabay

Pixabay has thousands of professional-grade images you can use. Better yet, it's search feature is ideal for when you need an image of something specific!

Free Images Pixabay
Free Images Pixabay

2) Unsplash

Unsplash has some amazing unique photos that are worth a look at if you want something non-specific. Lots of creative and emotional posts that work great as headers or backgrounds. Made by an awesome web design and development studio Crew.

3) Little Visuals

Similar to Unsplash, Little Visuals is a personal photography and image site. It has not been updated in a while due to the unfortunate passing of its owner. However, it's always worth a look when you need some photos. Feel free to drop a donation to help support the Hand on Heart charity that was set up in the owner's memory.

4) New Old Stock

Need a black and white photo? Looking for something a little old-timey? This is the perfect collection of free images for you! Created by a wonderful web designer, Cole Townsend

5) Superfamous Images

This site has some stunning geography, nature, and color gradient images that work really well in backgrounds, headers, and adding some emotion to your emails or blogs. Don't forget to send a tweet to the awesome Folkert Gorter for the site.

6) Startup Stock Photos

If you need images of hip, young tech-stars working hard on the next big thing, this is the site for you. There are tons of great shots that lend themselves just as well to general business use as they do to a tech newsletter or blog. Created by @estrattonbailey & @wearesculpt

7) Gratisography

One of our favorites! With so many weird, goofy, and shocking images to choose from, this is the place when you really need to set yourself apart. A huge shout out to Ryan McGuire of Bells Design for providing them!

8) Jay Mantri

This site is full of drop-dead-gorgeous images. From introspective to inspirational, this site has the photo to match the tone you are looking for. Site and photos by Jay Mantri

9) Pexels

Sometimes you need a very specific kind of image. That's where Pexels shines! It is one of the few free image websites that includes a search this accurate. If you know what you want, this is a great place to start looking.

10) Barn Images

Lots of awesome cityscapes and architecture images, among a ton of other categories, makes Barn Images a great source of images for business or metro themed pages.

Did We Miss Any?

Where do you go for free images? Post a comment letting us know your favorite place to find that extra special shot to make your emails, newsletters, blogs, site, or even just your desktop background unique.