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Best Newton Mail Alternative Apps for Windows and Mac

Best Newton Mail Alternative Apps for Windows and Mac
Best Newton Mail Alternative Apps for Windows and Mac

Newton Mail has long been considered a benchmark for email server platforms, packed with a wide range of cool features and sporting an interface that's simple to navigate and easy to hit the ground running with. Unfortunately, with its ping pong game of shutting down and relaunching, many users have been searching for a suitable Newton Mail alternative.

Newton was discontinued on September 18, 2018, meaning that anyone who was using the app or eyeing it for purchase will need to seek out a Newton alternative. It was subsequently relaunched and shut down twice, with its fate now in the hands of Simform and SoFriendly, the new owners of the app. But you don't have to worry about that with so many substitutes to the Newton email app on Mac or Windows.

There are a number of sophisticated software programs that replicate the main features of Newton Mail while also carving out their own identity in the market.

Top 4 Newton Mail Alternatives for Windows Users

Here are some of the best Newton Mail alternatives you will wish you tried earlier:

1. Mailbird

Perhaps the best alternative to Newton Mail Windows is Mailbird. Ranked the Best Email Client by Windows Report for 2017, this platform achieves the perfect balance between intuitive design and customization. This is the kind of software that's ready to give back as much as you're willing to put in.

In addition to its sleek mouse-and-touch enabled interface, Mailbird comes standard with both its own keyboard shortcuts and with compatibility with traditional Gmail shortcuts. Particularly impressive is how expandable the interface is. A number of features and integrations allow you to turn your email inbox into a hub for all of your note-taking, contacts management, and blog feeds.

Mailbird's utility lies in its ability to nimbly handle multiple accounts. You can sync as many email accounts as you like under a single account and access them individually or through a unified inbox that is equipped with color indicators.

Best of all, Mailbird is generously priced, and a free version is available for casual users.

A preview of Mailbird inbox
A preview of Mailbird inbox

Key Features of Mailbird:

  • A wide selection of customizable layouts and designs.
  • Native integration with some of the most popular third-party apps (including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, DropBox, and Google Calendar).
  • Snooze function to hide non-priority emails; scheduled and delayed sending functions.
  • Speed reading to help you process your backlog of emails more quickly.
  • Powerful search functionality for attachments.
  • Unified Inbox with color Indicators.
  • Popular tagging feature to increase email management speed.

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2. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft is the dignified old gentleman of the software industry, and the modern Outlook client has a heritage spanning back to before the days of Windows. Still, the company has done an admirable job of keeping up with the times through its ability to evolve and adapt the Outlook system.

Outlook works across a number of platforms, making it easy to access your messages and activities through both your Windows platform and your mobile devices, but where Outlook sets itself apart from the competition is through its presence as part of the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem. The software is fully integrated with Outlook Calendar and Outlook Contacts, but the fact that it easily syncs up with other Microsoft platforms like Word and OneDrive means that it's just one tool neatly integrated into a larger kit.

Although Outlook is one of the more expensive email clients on the market, it remains a popular Newton Mail alternative. So, if your demands are not stringent, or you haven't bought into the Office marketplace, you may find less value here than elsewhere.

A preview of Microsoft Outlook inbox
A preview of Microsoft Outlook inbox

Key Features of Microsoft Outlook:

  • Professional, dynamic signature creation options.
  • Advanced calendar sync options including bill pay and suggested event locations.
  • Tracking and forwarding for event RSVPs.
  • Support for multiple time zones in daily and weekly calendars.

3. Gmail

When Google launched its proprietary email client in 2004, it was a revelation. Google proved that a cloud-based email client could work as a replacement to a traditional software platform, not just a complement to it, and it put in place some of the fundamental features users today demand from their email client. It's still one of the most popular cloud email platforms around.

The spam identification is notably smart, and Gmail's filtering system automatically sorts your mail using labels rather than traditional folders, serving as something of a digital filing system for your messages.  If you're willing to dig into the filtering rules, you can define impressively complex parameters for how your email is filed. Rather than rely on the traditional email structure, Google's platform threads your conversation to create a more natural and orderly flow to your conversations.

It's not for everyone, and sometimes necessary messages can get lost in the weeds, but it's generally a smart and effective method for catching up on your important messages. However, it's hard to ignore the fact that features that were once revolutionary are now standard across many clients, and the tantalizingly free price tag might not be enough of an incentive for people searching for more advanced alternatives.

A preview of Gmail account
A preview of Gmail account

Key Features of Gmail:

  • Meticulous virus and malware protection.
  • Integration with all of Google's cloud-based applications.
  • Over 10 gigabytes of free storage space.
  • Rich text options including hyperlinks, emoticons, and direct image pasting.

4. eM Client

If Microsoft Outlook and Mailbird are the two respected prizefighters in the world of email clients, eM Client is the scrappy underdog. While its design sensibilities leave a bit to be desired, anyone who's willing to look past its ugly duckling reputation will find a strong contender for the best alternative to Newton Mail for Windows. The fact that it's completely free to use is certainly a mark in its favor.

Like many email clients on the market, eM Client seeks to serve as more than just a standard email client by working as something of a virtual assistant able to coordinate all of your messages and activities.

Multiple accounts can be synced through eM Client, but keep in mind that the free version offers support for only two email addresses. A proprietary calendar and task list are further complemented by direct integration with Google, Facebook, and Jabber messaging systems. If you're looking to see everything eM Client has to offer, there's not a lot to lose.

The standard version is free, and all new users get access to a 30-day trial of the Pro version.

A preview of eM inbox
A preview of eM inbox

Key Features of eM Client:

  • Migration tool that works with Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and Windows Mail.
  • Translation functionality through the Bing chat tool.
  • Communication archives that can be sorted by each contact on your list.
  • Support for AirSync protocol, allowing faster access when syncing Microsoft email accounts.

4 Best Alternatives to Newton Mail on Mac

If you are a Mac user, you might like these Newton alternatives:

1. Apple Mail

A list of the best alternatives to Newton Mail on Mac wouldn't be complete without Apple's standard mail client. The fact that it comes standard on all Mac models and is free to use is a powerful incentive in its favor, and the fact that it's built using the company's patented design principles means that Mac users will feel right at home with the interface.

Multiple accounts can be synced easily through the Apple Mail interface, and tight integration with Spotlight (the operating system's default search system) means that finding that needle in a haystack is always a simple affair. It also works well with the Notification Center, and all in all, it's the most seamless client for a standard Mac setup. Apple Mail is also remarkably rich in features, to a degree that may even be overwhelming to some.

Figuring out how all these underlying functions work can take some digging, but if you're comfortable spending some time learning, you can create a client that's tailored pretty perfectly to your individual needs.

A precise view of Apple mail box
A precise view of Apple mail box

Key Features of Apple Mail:

  • Smart mailbox allows filtering of mail into folders using a diverse range of different criteria.
  • Toolbar customization options using a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Dynamic message themes in the form of Apple Mail stationery.
  • Integrated note-taking and task list functions.

2. Airmail

Airmail prides itself on its speed, and it certainly delivers in that regard. If you're looking for a responsive email client that manages to look consistently good, this is the client to beat. Yet, a sleek design and nimble performance aren't the only strengths of this client. Compatibility with a markdown language and HTML allows you to create highly complicated emails without having to rely on the more limited toolbars you'll typically find in other email clients, a huge boon if you're a professional looking to put together outreach or marketing messages. A split-screen approach lets you see the results of your code in real-time as you type it.

One of the platform's more creative flourishes is a task-based system that lets you organize your messages according to priority and more neatly structure your schedule than by relying on more conventional flags and junk-mail folders. Drag-and-drop and customizable swipe options tie together the package, making for a client that's impressively responsive and able to be customized to your individual demands.

A preview of Airmail inbox
A preview of Airmail inbox

Key Features of Airmail:

  • Support for third party productivity apps like Wunderlist, Fantastical, and BusyCal.
  • Compatible with Gmail keyboard shortcuts.
  • Quick reply functionality that resembles more traditional chat platforms.
  • Snooze and delay functions for incoming and outgoing messages.

3. Spark

Airmail may impress with its staggering level of customization and features, but Spark takes the cake for ease of use on Mac and iOS devices. It recognizes that sorting through emails is sometimes a chore that you just want to get through, and its design philosophy is built to facilitate that.

In addition to a unified inbox that allows you a big-picture view of your messages from all your email addresses, Spark offers a smart inbox that automatically sorts out low priority emails and messages already read and puts the highest importance on new mail and those that have been pinned by the user. This prioritized approach to your inbox is tied together with a notification system that lets you know when important mail comes in but doesn't bother you with every message that comes down the pike.

The result is an email platform that's refreshingly utilitarian and perfect for users who are looking for a dedicated email client rather than a more robust virtual assistant.

Showing scheduled mails in Spark inbox
Showing scheduled mails in Spark inbox

Key Features of Spark:

  • Private comments and draft sharing options for teams.
  • Email scheduling and reminder follow-ups.
  • Professional signature templates.
  • Personalization for every component of the interface.

4. Postbox

Users with an affection for the Mozilla Thunderbird email program will find plenty to love with Postbox. This is an email client built for the power user, and there's a lot of functionality if you're willing to learn the platform's ins and outs.

Professional users who need to manage multiple accounts and send out messages in bulk will find this the perfect playground as its powerful systems are tailor-made for the demands of marketers, salespeople, and project managers. Supplementing these capabilities is a robust search function. Postbox is compatible with any IMAP or POP email account, and there's no limit to how many email addresses you can track within the client.

A preview of integrated work in Postbox
A preview of integrated work in Postbox

Key Features of Postbox:

  • Account groups designed to compartmentalize multiple work and personal email accounts.
  • Placeholders and response templates for sending out a slew of messages en masse while still providing personalized content.
  • Fully integrated Code View HTML editor.
  • Quick post messages through a number of third-party apps including Evernote, Todoist, and Slack.


While Newton Mail is an impressive piece of software, it's far from the only game in town. Any of the Newton Mail alternative apps on this list can serve as a respectable addition to your productivity arsenal, and they each come with their own strengths. With this many options, you should be able to find a client that suits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Newton Mail

Is Newton Mail shutting down?

Early in 2018, Newton email was shut down, but it was reopened in 2019. Then it was shut down in 2020 and promptly reopened following its acquisition by Simform and SoFriendly. Now, there are many Newton Mail alternatives that you can use as a better email program. Newton was an email management application developed by Cloud Magic.Inc. The application was best known for its unique searching abilities, user interface, and great cross-platform abilities.

What can I use instead of Newton Mail?

Choosing Mailbird as a Newton Mail alternative is a wise decision. With its automatic sorting and many unique features, you can focus on only the important things. Its fast service will give you a great user experience.

Why use an email client?

Having an easy-to-use email program can help you be more productive. So, you need the best email client to enjoy a unique set of capabilities and features.
With the advance of time, Newton Mail has been largely replaced by other fast email clients like Mailbird, which not only give you a high-level mailing experience but also help you with developing good communication with your audience.

What is the best free email app?

Gmail usually wins the debate among free email apps as it is packed full of features and is constantly updated with new capabilities and improvements.